Friday, June 12, 2009

Hearts Pearl of the Orient! :: Hits the ground running upon touch down.

Am back from HK!! Had a brilliant time there, think we gals really did a lot, in this whirlwind trip - we covered q bit of the touristy stuff, as well as indulged in HK's gastronomically blissful food, HK really is a foodie's paradise... and we walked off most of it during our shopping stints, though tummy shots are taken with a hint of reluctance... ha. :) All in all, we covered most of Central, our hotel's at the mid-levels, Aberdeen, Ap Lei Chau (the warehouse sales outlets), Stanley Village, Repulse Bay, Mongkok area, Jordan, Temple Street, Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay, Avenue of the Stars, took the Star Ferry, Lan Kwai Fong, The Peak and The Peninsular for its legendary tea (L managed to pull some strings and we skipped the LONG queue... felt bad as L's mum treated us on top of getting us prime seats and getting us through without queuing!). In between, we had food as and when, from quaint tea houses with utensils older than myself, to the cafes, street food and restaurants (Maxim's for dim sum!). Will elaborate more on the trip to HK and my thoughts on HK in later posts when I've time - I'm now going through readings on youth, online culture, privacy for my thesis new draft and tt's all I'll say for now. ;)

Shopping, as usual, did not catch my eye much, no bags but bought more than enough shoes and I managed to buy Roasted Goose and Roasted Meat for my family, much to my parents' delight! It was hell bringing my stuff back though... my body was aching most of this week. Thank god the weather there was generally sunny in HK, mum said tt it was raining when I wasn't around and it got swelteringly hot since I got back!

Had a meeting with the sup the day after I got back... quite jet-lagged as I survived on about three hours of sleep every night, with J and S telling me where to check out... part of me wonders abt the latest Mongkok acid attack and how it happened right after we got back. Will just take it as J's lucky star shining on me as well as the prayers my grandparents n mum said every night I wasn't ard. ;)

Had a brief but productive meeting with the sup the day after I got back. Am psyched because of new developments for my thesis. It will mean a lot of hard work and lotsa amendments as well as procedures I'd have to go through from now on but I appreciate her candor and her suggestions. It may seem that I agreed too readily to her requests, but tt's because I've also thought through these questions myself before the meeting and I'm glad we are on the same page. I'm not afraid of hard work, as long as I think it is worth it. Same rule applies to other aspects of my life. ;)

Exciting stuff coming along, schedule's gonna be crazy, the sup also warned me about it... abt being strategic in my thesis... and maybe I am crazy but I'm totally lapping it up and loving it! :) Maybe I do love tutoring and teaching, as well as research... just tt I find it challenging to handle both simultaneously. Almost like having an affair or dating multiple guys at the same time. :p But I shall leave this conundrum to another day and focus on getting my thesis done first.

Basically, whatever happens in HK stays in HK, besides the food and cheesy pics we gals took. ;) Will discuss the juicy bits as and when I meet up with the rest, though it seems like all my June weekends are already booked! :) Also reached a conclusion about some other bits of my life during the trip, when I talked to S and J about it. I am better off without some people in my life. There's only so much nonsense that I can take from some ppl, even if they try to present a BFF front. Well well, on and forward!

A song from a local tv series, The Ultimatum, which I sit through with my mum on evenings when I am home. Basically I only listen out for the theme song and then go though my readings as she watches the show, so don't ask me what the plot is! :) M probably knows y I like the lyrics of the song though! Will try out this song the next time I go a-ktv-ing. ;)


一转眼 眉头聚满乌云




天灰了 快乐总有限期





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