Monday, January 5, 2009

Finally after an intense month of tv watching...

The Little Nyonya's ended it's run on Ch8! Honestly I wasn't blown away by the script but I loved the colourful Straits born Chinese costumes, Peranakan utensils and their food!! I've not even heard of some of the dishes! Now I want to learn everything from my grandma, ha. Though she's less than pleased of some of the inaccuracies and depictions of Peranakans featured in the series. :S

Besides the above-mentioned, I also like the soundtrack of the show... so what better way to end this post on this show than posting the two songs I enjoyed in the past month? Though I started out liking the theme song by Olivia Ong, I learnt to appreciate the other sub theme song, by another Singporean singer, 保温 by Bevlyn Khoo 邱意淋. See if you like it as well!

My weekday nights will feel different for the rest of this week, esp when 9pm beckons. :)

The Little Nyonya Song

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