Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Time to move on

The past weekend was supposed to be a mini break off from work, but the thing about my job I guess, is that work never really ends. It begins the moment you wake up, with emails flooding in and calls and smses, which is why I do not leave my mobile on at night, in fact, I look forward, on some nights, to switching it off and pre-setting it to switch on at a certain, less ungodly hour. After grading this week, I have more applications to send off this week as well as preparations for a presentation at Ngee Ann next week. And Christmas shopping AND organising the Christmas party for my extended family - my mum's usually takes a backseat so it's a mad day of rushing and collecting and cooking and making sure that everything goes well. Which is y I totally get it when I watch films where families go mad with Christmas preparations. Ha.

The weekend began on a disappointing note as orginal plans had to be scrapped. But I realise that in the end, it's not really the Where that matters, but Who you did it with. Though saying seems definitely easier than putting it into practice. Ha. I think I had one of the best weekends in eons, not just because of the food we shared, but also how we checked out the nooks and crannies of my hangouts. Some places did bring a tinge of nostalgia because of others whom I've checked them out with, but in the end, Spore is really that small and we just have to move on.

Which is a v apt theme these days for me. Not just moving on with grading, moving on from disappointment and anger to bliss and a good rest which I've not had in AGES, but also moving on to 2009, moving on to other people who've been a rock for me during the past month, moving on to other areas of my professional life, and moving on through the wilderness out there which holds my future.

Yes, it's time to make an effort to move on, as scared as I might be. Just give me some time to take a deep breath first.

On a lighter note, I tried my hand at matchmaking this weekend, only to have it flop miserably, as BFF C told me tonite, "do not tease guys who you like!" to which I responded, "like? I might have fallen for that unfortunate guy!". Ha.

Also managed to catch Taiwanese movie Cape No.7 - an utter last min decision, who says I can't do spontaneous?! :p I liked the movie a lot, was really grateful for the subtitles, though I think that some of the nuances were lost on me as JR beside me was laughing at some moments and I turned many times to see if BFF C was as lost as I am at the romance storyline. But I think that is a nice indie flick nonetheless. The romantic themes were lost on me, but I appreciated the love-hate relationship that the Taiwanese have with the Japanese and keeping their indigenious culture alive, something which I've noticed and also mentioned in one of my MTV term papers years back in 2005 with BFF T. I also liked the familiar faces in the movie - Van, also known as Fan Yi Chen, and Shino Lin, two singers which I really like! Lotsa comic relief yet undertones of national pride, sense of family and belonging come through via the characters, I think this is worth a watch.


Particularly love this song done by this little girl, called Da Da in the movie, the song seems nonedscript by its own here, but in the movie, she sang it in the elevator with a bunch of loud, brawdy guys who quietened down and started to tap their toes to her singing, with their reverie broken when the lift stopped and an awkward pause as they regained their brawdiness. The stark contrast between the brawdy men and the nochalant little girl who managed to silence them by just singing this pretty funny song was priceless!

海角七號-愛你愛到死(大大).mp3 -

但你若劈腿 就去死一死
Baby 爱我请你让我疯狂一次

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