Saturday, November 8, 2008

Carpe Diem & the winner takes it all!

Days have been going past so fast that my memories have become a blur, I kid you not. New memories have come to replace old ones and life is just rolling along.

Friends have been asking me for updates on my birthday this year and the well wishes I received this year was enough for two of me! Ha. Thanks again for all the well wishes this year, on either Facebook or sms or both! :) Shouts at the bus stop were also appreciated. :p The presents I received this year were crazy as well, some really unexpected ones .. I'm humbled and thankful. :)

Birthday 2008:: Saw a kitty at my bus stop on my way to work. :: 8am lecture + work :: Bday lunch with S and bday brownie! :: Drive down to the vet's. :: Walk to Daily Scoop, tried their Halloween specials. Ice cream is always good! :: Back to C's place to wash up a little (did not sleep on Thurs night). :: Met up with bro and on to Les Buschons! :: Steak Frittes + Beef fillet + Red Wine + Desserts. Good intimate dinner! :: Home + Mini cake with Mum. :: Quick shower. :: More wine with J @ Altivo, The Jewel Box + lotsa interesting and engaging conversation. :: Midnight ice cream @ Swensens. :: Sweet dreams. ::

It was raining on the morning after, I take this to be a sign of washing away the negative energy of the year before and to new beginnings. All in all, Halloween 2008 was a intimate, quiet affair with close friends and family and after the craziness of the year past, I can't say that I mind some peace and quiet right now. :)

Saturday was spent doing up work at home and heading to S's lelong (flea market) and checking out another fab makan place in town which no one knoes! I love C and the food recommendations! Sunday was brunch with gals @ P.S Cafe in town as S n A could not make it on Friday... good stuff there! Met J afterwards for a spot of shopping... till he saw tt I was getting a lil bored. He got a gift for me, by me, ha. Watched The Coffin (scary and sad stuff) before having dinner and heading home. Two robin blue boxes in a week. Seriously?!

This week's been crazy busy with presentations and grading to be done... on top of the American Presidential elections. Obama won, no surprises there - as an American colleague said - "It took us 8 years to get it right!". Ha. Lotsa other stuff happening on my end as well, but some stuff are better left to intimate conversations than a blog declaration. Suffice to say tt I'm feeling happy and contented these days, even with the crazy busy stuff ard me and the never ending list of things to do!

And the weekend's upon us again!

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