Sunday, October 19, 2008

Seriously, seriously?

Came across this article in The Sunday Times today which made me do a double take. Just realised that there are articles on Singaporeans marrying foreigners on two consecutive Sundays - like G and myself were discussing last weekend, is this really that pertinent an issue to begin with?

While I enjoy my rainy Sunday and go about my Sunday chores and checking off my list of work to do, I'll let you read this and make your own conclusions. I think that some ideas and propositions are just so weak that stating them in the article is enough to show the amount of stereotyping and immaturity involved without my elaboration. Enjoy and have a chuckle. :)

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The Straits Times (Singapore)

October 19, 2008 Sunday

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Why I chose a China bride

Many people seem to believe that Singapore men who opt for foreign brides tend to pick younger, less educated women from less developed countries. I'm a Singapore male and I just married a foreigner this year. She's from China, two years older than I am and a university graduate with a top-notch academic record. We met in Kunming, where I work, after mutual friends introduced us.

On one of our dates, we did discuss why I did not have a Singapore girlfriend. I admitted that I don't understand what Singapore women want. They have their own careers and are as skilled and capable as their male colleagues. Yet, they demand that their dates behave like 'gentlemen' and treat them as the weaker sex. This hardly seems like equality or equitable.

In February, when The Straits Times reported the results of a survey on singles, this 'contradiction' was raised. Many women still expect their dates to carry their handbags and pick up the tab. Asking to split the bill is still widely unacceptable on the local dating scene.

From my own experience and what I've heard, it seems many Singapore women tend to interpret feminism in their own way. A woman who shells prawns for her man is deemed archaic, but a man who carries a woman's handbag for her is being gentlemanly, even though it might make him look silly.

If Singapore women want to be on an equal footing with their men, then they should expect to be treated equally - the way men treat other men. Among other things, there would be no need for the man to escort the woman home.

However, if women want men to shelter, love and care for them in the gentlemanly fashion they seem to demand, then they should let their men take charge.

I would have been happy to date and marry a Singapore woman who knew which she wanted. I would have accepted whichever path she chose.

As things turned out, I found a woman who knew exactly what she wanted - in Kunming.

Alvin Tan

October 18, 2008

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