Monday, September 22, 2008

SNL Palin vs Clinton - you go Tina Fey!

Came across references about the debut of the latest season for SNL last week - trying to get hold of this skit partly because I love Tina Fey since I saw her on 30 Rock. Been trying to get the entire skit on Youtube, unsuccessfully though. Managed to get it from NBC. Tina Fey's really brilliant, with her sharp wit, quick comebacks, and self deprecating humor. The resemblance to Palin was astounding too, which made the skit such a hit! From her acceptance speech today at the Emmys today (which she brought home 3 statues and lost her purse), am glad we are rooting for the same presidential candidate too! :)

more about "SNL: Palin/Clinton Parody", posted with vodpod

Btw, the pop ups for Youtube these days are getting on my nerves! Grrr.


-hilz said...

OH! hey i didn't know you had a blog! ha! anyway thanks for popping by mine, i thought as a CNM student i better do something CNM-like hence a vlog. anyway nice blog, i see that u have like a million posts!

haha... cya around!
-hilz :)

StarryNite said...

Not bad at all, I see tt nuffnag has already approached you! Dun have time to post, this blog came about as the result of a dare actually. Ha.

Cya ard too! :)