Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fairytale Dystopia

Been doing a lot of reflective thinking lately, where I want to go in life from here, the choices I have to make, the sacrifices I have to make and trying to reconcile myself to them. Suddenly I am thinking wat JW said a couple of months before - that he could see that I'm trying to mentally prep myself for what's to come. Who knows where I'll be and what I'll be doing at this time next year?

One issue in particular keeps coming to mind - one which is wistful and more than a little sad. I've been changing my choices and plans over and over again because of this - and yet... . Maybe wat G said is true - some things are meant to run its natural course, till it meets its natural death. Maybe this is what closure is. We are meant to make the same mistake over and over again, despite the advice from others and that little voice in our heads. Till one day when everything falls into place.

Watched Wall.E with C yesterday - while I was all enamored with the love story between the robots, she as discomfited by the not so subtle hints at consumerism and the damage that we are doing to the environment, which is partly fueled by affluence and industrialisation. Guess this shows the difference between us, ha. However, the more I think about it, the more this innocuous cartoon might well be one of the darkest cartoons I've ever watched, some sort of fairytale dystopia. Like C put it - "Imagine Nemo swimming in a polluted sea!" And I'm not sure I like that either. I smsed JW and G that us humans really do seem to have a knack for destruction and destroying everything we come into contact with. And JW agreed, even quoting Morpheus in The Matrix.

Been having this nagging tummyache since last week, but I'm still resisting going to the docs - maybe I shld let it run its natural course yea? Maybe it's stress or something.

I like listening to Christmas songs to cheer myself up - and with the dreary weather today, it reminds me a lot of Christmas in Spore! And I miss listening to Jewel - she has a v nice tone to her voice!

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