Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

Woke up this morning feeling fine, went for a morning run out to get my errands done. Promised myself yesterday tt I will try to get out some and not get cooped up at home replying to emails and getting buried in my mugging/cranky/grouchy mode.

Morning was going great, felt great to be out and about and seeing kids running around after they were done with Children's Day celebrations - till I got an sms rant from A about the increase in electricity charges - saw that on Yahoo Singpore before I turned in last night, but I did not realise that it would be more than 20%! And it comes into effect tomorrow! Personally, I think that the reasons cited - "increase in fuel charges" and "The EMA feels there is more room for Singaporeans to conserve and use less energy." are sophist justifications as Singaporeans are bracing up to face a bearish end of 2008. With unemployment rates and the economy looking forboding to say the least and the recent transportation hike, I really do find it difficult to justify a 20% increase in electricity charges, with notice given the day before it is implemented.

Also read online abt the passing of former Worker's party Sec Gen JB Jeyaretnam this morning as well. Though I'll admit to not being well versed in local politics,and I do not condone JBJ's brimstone political stance as well, I do think that given the current standing of how daily expenditure of the neccessities keep increasing based on weak justifications from the incumbent, perhaps a stronger opposition presence is neccessary to play the role of check and balance in the current political climate. We are used to the usual daily bemoanings and debates about life in Spore but surely this latest electricity hike warrants a closer inspection of the rate of inflation which we are experiencing here as homeowners?

Suddenly I feel a sense of irony when I compare the news on Electricity hike + Passing of a prominent opposition party member + Financial turmoil as American lawmakers reject bailout with the daily horoscope I received in my Yahoo inbox this morning: "You can feel restrictions easing up and your good energy returning -- it's a good time to coast for a bit until you see the most obvious course of action approaching. Things are just about to pick up!" - Yea... right.

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