Thursday, September 11, 2008

Something's coming.

Been feeling under the weather, been bothered with a flu which refuses to go away; it just gets better or worse. Which also affects my mood. Lotsa stuff going on in work and other areas. It's good to keep myself busy, but at the same time I just feel so tired and bleah. I hate feeling this way!! C thinks I need to get some vits - think I just need a good long rest. K told mi last week that I am moving too fast for my health. It's nice for you to offer to accompany me to the doc's, but I think I can make my flu-ish way to the doc's if things come to that state. But thanks - appreciate the kind thoughts and generous offers!

Wrote a post earlier this week, but I guess I wasn't sure if I am in a good state to make judgements therefore I did not post it. Maybe some stuff aren't meant to be posted now. Been bogged with emails from students all week because of the test tomorrow. I just want to provide them the support they need as well as help them with the questions which come up in the course of their revision. I've been trying my best to reply them, though I'm really feeling tired. L came down to sch to pass to me my present as she will not be around till Nov. I will miss her so. First thing which she exclaimed when she saw me was how much I've shrunk. The recent bout of stuff tt's been happening does not help at all. We talked, even though we have not seen each other since last Dec. It was amazing how in tune we are with each other. She also talked me thru my decision and also gave me some much needed encouragement and insight. She was there at the right place at the right time. Thanks babe. *hugz*

Saw the HTC Touch Pro, seems pretty interesting! Something like the Sidekick in the States and so often seen in GG, but more polished in appearance and functionalities. Now the iPhone just seems... less attractive. Steve Jobs' introduction of Apple's latest offerings seem to be the same old, not sure how much the iPod Nano with the accelerometer's going to make a difference for small screens, even with the modified dimensions for the new iPod Nanos.

Heard this song on the televsion - reminded me of how much I used to love it.

想念你的歌 (張惠春)
那時候負氣 說走就走
所以埋怨我 沒打聽你的下落

躲起來邊哭邊說 I MISS YOU
還捨不得把 你封鎖

星光閃爍 如何擁有
雖然 有時候 會寂寞
牆上時鐘 停格
用悲傷 的脈搏寫成 想念你的歌

該怎麼才能 讓你懂呢
誰對誰錯已經模糊了 忘記了
我們都處理 得有點笨拙
畢竟從來沒有 像這一次如此愛過

常常只有一個念頭 I MISS YOU

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