Saturday, August 9, 2008

Twittering out of prison

Came across this interesting article on how one harnessed the power of micro-blogging to relay news of his arrest in a foreign country to his friends on Twitter and how they got him out. I think this is a good example of how real time communication is used to get important news out and how microblogging tools such as Twitter can be used not just for social networking or news dessimination.

The rest of the article also touched on how monetisation of Twitter may be done - ad revenue being at the top of the list. But I think that an important point which the article tries to get across is how sometimes the best of ideas are developed not just with the sole purpose of profit in mind, but rather, how it might be able to serve for the betterment of society in general, even if it may sound frivolous initially. At the present rate new technologies are developed and as users become more savvy at adapting technology to their own needs, it's exciting times ahead for new media and new media development.. and us the users esp... where almost anything is possible.

P.s: Philippines will be in the 2nd wave of countries getting the iPhone on the 22nd. And since that telco is partially owned by Singtel, think that the amusing email I received this week from Singtel which still did not reveal the launch of iPhone here is.... interesting. ;)

P.p.s: The Olympics ceremony yest was brilliant!! China pulled out all the stops and it totally showed - from the pryotechnics to the preformances and the encapsulation of Chinese culture and history, totally rocked!!

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