Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pro-life: the recent abortion debate

While waiting in the doc's room last week, I was flipping through the papers and picked up on the on-going abortion debate. Think this is a tenacious and sensitive subject over which I had had some interesting debates over. However, before presenting the different stances thus far, I think that this has, and will always be a morally grey issue, as well as one that's personal and sensitive.

Instead of breaking down and analysing the various debates ad verbatim, my belief is for us women to be able our own decisions as to whether to keep the life inside us and it should be a decision we make, based perhaps on medical grounds, but not something which should be decided for us by the law unless in extreme circumstances.

The article which caused the furor: Time for Singapore to relook abortion law: Tan Seow Hon

Yawning Bread's take on Tan's article.

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