Monday, August 25, 2008

Fantabulous weekend!!

Managed to only get into bed after 5am for three nights in a row this weekend. Totally feeling the effects today - must remind self tt I'm getting old... but wait... I've never really been tt happening even when I was younger! ;)

V n J's Housewarming :: Rainy afternoon/evening. :: Coziest hangout I've ever been to! :: Tried my hand at Guitar Hero - it's official, I suck. Ha. :: GWC for grocery shopping. :: Sat down for eight hour dinner. :: Smoked salmon salad. :: Fish with caramelised shallots, white wine and cream sauce. :: Steak with mushrooms, red wine sauce. :: Homemade brownies with Movenpick Vanilla Classic. :: Evening of Yuzu liquor mixes, Margaux 1999, Champagne. :: Brilliant conversations over great food, wine and champagne. ::

BFF C's bday. :: Last minute change of plans. :: Rainy weather. :: Soup Resturant @ Seah St. :: Samsui Chicken. :: Fried Sweet Potato leaves. :: Black pepper Venison. :: Soup of the day. :: Olive rice. :: Seah St Deli. :: Chocolate Decadence. - LOVE it! :: Happy Birthday and opening of pressies. :: City Space :: 40 min wait. :: Exchanging ghost stories in the lobby of Equinox. :: Met ex student Mathilda! :: Drinks for the girls. :: Song dedication - Fly me to the moon, Somewhere over the rainbow, My way. :: Girl talk. :: Dim Sum at 2am. :: Home sweet home. ::

Torrential downpour. :: Long serious discussion. :: Feeling mixed. :: Dinner @ Soup Spoon. :: Esplanade - Philharmonic Orchestra Goes Pop! :: Brilliant song and musical arrangements. :: Great company! :: Raffles City Starbucks. :: 24hrs MacDonalds to rush last min Testimonial for student. :: Talk and walk along the Spore skyline. :: Breakfast at MacDonalds. ::

There, a crazy jammed packed weekend. Totally need to settle down for proper work on dissertation. Tutorials begin this week, can't wait to meet the students. Hate the lousy timing though. Philharmonic Orchestra Goes Pop was brilliant! Their repertoire spanned from Asian to vocal to jazz. Loved the stage presence and vocals of Sebastian Tan of Broadway Beng fame! :)

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