Thursday, August 14, 2008

Facebook trumps MySpace!

Throughout the course of my research thus far, I've been having conversations with media practitioners and researchers who often asked me whyI was looking at Facebook and not MySpace for my dissertation. My response was that it was a local context issue which my study was looking at (Facebook was a close 2nd after Friendster according to stats late last yr, I think that Facebook has already overtaken as of now) and shared with them my gut feeling through my daily "research" ( yes I can see you turning green with envy over there, =p) plowing through Facebook that the numbers are growing at a crazy rate.

Finally, affirmation today! I was elated to read this article, which was not only quoted as stating that Facebook has replaced MySpace as the leading social networking site (SNS), but also that SNSes in general are growing at an amazing rate! I'm glad that I'm working in this area which has so much potential and space for growth, though a part of me does wonder which is the next internet killer application. Already SNS have taken over a part of our lives and internet usage habits, I'll be upfront to admit that when I log online, I log on to MSN, my email accounts as well as Facebook (in that order).

This has made me so excited about the potential of my research area, spurring me on to get down and really into research mode again. Met up with some researchers from IPS last week and they expressed interest in being kept up to date of my research progress from now on - cool stuff!

Aside: Really glad to be seeing new old faces everyday this week in sch - am really glad to have students whom I've come to see as friends stop me for a quick exchange along the corridors, in the canteen and even on my way home! :)

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