Tuesday, August 12, 2008

At what price the lies?

If there's been anything I've learnt in the last three months, it's that lying never pays off, no matter what the reason/excuse is. That's because when the lie is exposed, people get hurt. And the lie always, always, backfires.

So, days after international accolades poured in over the Beijing Olympics Opening ceremony, with some brickbats from the West, slowly but surely, lies surrounding the highlights of the ceremony have been revealed. A friend's MSN nick reflected that the footprint fireworks which we saw that night was not real ( ok I was taken in by that) , as was the singing of this little girl who left a deep impression on us because of her brilliant "performance" that evening. Though the rationale behind the lie might have been justifiable for some of us, but as the audience who were scammed, and not just once that evening, how do you feel?

Getting off the moral highhorse here, I think that as more information/admission of lies behind that fabulous evening are revealed, I wld rather have kept the Opening Ceremony simple. At what price the lies?

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