Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's your pet peeve?

An article which caught my eye - makes me wonder if Sporeans are nit-picking on each other, whether these actions are justifiably bad, or are we just a bunch of control freaks?? Perhaps this contest brings out the worst/best in us instead of the other round. :)


MediaCorp’s Class 95 lists best, worst habits of Singaporeans

Channel NewsAsia - Wednesday, July 30

SINGAPORE: The verdict is out on the best and worst habits in Singapore — at least according to MediaCorp’s Class 95 presenters who had challenged listeners to post videos of Singaporeans’ good and bad habits on podcast.sg.

The entries were judged based on these criteria — Are the habits growing? Are they unique to Singaporeans? Are they compelling enough to effect change?

A Class 95 listener, Ariel Fernandez, won the Bad Habit prize for posting a clip showing masses of people jaywalking.

Presenter Mark Van Cuylenberg, who is widely known as The Flying Dutchman, said: "We really need to get a campaign out that teaches pedestrians how to use the roads. We’ve done it with drivers, now let’s do it with pedestrians. We need it desperately."

Other pet peeves that were featured in short clips include people reserving tables with umbrellas and indiscriminate littering.

On the other hand, in the Good Habit category, a clip showing courteous people on escalators was awarded the top prize.

"Everybody follows and stands on one side of the escalator, so that people who are rushing to work can just run up," said Chee Ling Fei, who posted the winning clip.

The two winners walked away with cash prizes of S$950 each.

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