Monday, July 28, 2008

Rounding up last week

Meeting with The Sup to discuss thesis direction n strategy. :: Catching up some with S. :: Met up with new colleagues (nice peepz!) :: Meeting up with ex students (always good!). :: Emails bouncing back and forth abt conference - wrapping up & further meetings. :: The Dark Knight. :: Good food with great company. :: Chilling out - Jazz @ South Bridge. :: Pondering over SingFest tics (Levis Promo). :: KTV session (More Eng songs than Mandarin for once!). :: Made iPhone reservation. :: Homecoming 2008 - won a surprise award. ::

Last week went by in a blur, partly because so much happened, in terms of tying things up from the conference as well as other stuff, preparing for next semester, meetings both official and social. Brilliant stuff. Also on anti-allergy meds to build up my repiratory system, so as to give my best for the upcoming semester. Phew.

Decided to post pics from the AMIC conference on Facebook. No time to really give updates, suffice to say that it was an eye-opening and enriching experience, it was great meeting ppl in the industry as well as like-minded ppl who are opiniated and it was a great bouncing board. Realised tt someone had recorded my presentation though. Did not realise then that it was not part of conference protocol but well, will take it as a learning experience and kinda flattering that someone was interested enough to stay throughout the session to record it - hope he/she was not disappointed. Ha. It was a pretty packed schedule from the moment we landed though. Visited the volcano crater lake Tagaytay - cool evening, as well as took in the sights, sounds and food. Overall a good and productive trip! A trip with many firsts, also took sometime to think some stuff through. Good stuff.

Watched The Dark Knight - it was brilliant stuff overall but I think that we can all agree that Heath Ledger as The Joker was priceless. He was evil personified and I came out of the theatre with goosebumps, still pondering over the stuff which he managed to pull off. No malice, none of the usual motivatons of revenge, etc. Just a real psycho at work whose ultimate aim is to put the human character to the test and cause destruction as well as revel in chaos. Brilliant, dark, twisted stuff there.

Finally managed to get down for some hardcore KTV-ing too, we sang our lungs and hearts out, did an ABBA marathon session. Good stuff.

Weekend started on a gd note - went down for Homecoming only to be surprised by an award which came out of the blue, was taken by surprise as well as gratitude to all my friends, students and family. Had a good time hanging out with ex classmates and friends from Uni days and catching up with them afterwards over dinner and dessert. We were also indulging in some BGR talk - lotsa interesting insights! Was also filled with a sense of wistfulness over the stuff tt's happened over the past year. Colleagues who have left, friends who were there supporting me, family too. Students who have motivated me to give nothing but my best. I've had my fair share of gripes but am glad I made it through. Mum's been unwell but I think the award has made her feel better abt my career choice/track. I do hope she recovers soon.

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