Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My new baby

The following conversation took place which got mi thinking - why do my friends associate my "baby" reference with gadgets and not guys or fashion stuff? Ha.

KeViN 凯文 says:
new baby iPhone
KeViN 凯文 says:
or some apple product
Starry Starry Nite: Am in love with my new baby! says:
Starry Starry Nite: Am in love with my new baby! says:
Starry Starry Nite: Am in love with my new baby! says:
my HP Mini
Starry Starry Nite: Am in love with my new baby! says:
but it does not come with MS OFFICE, argh!
Starry Starry Nite: Am in love with my new baby! says:
u know mi pretty well though, haha.


Presenting pics of my new baby!

Compare its size wrt my texts!

Size of the HP Mini Note vis a vis a copy of 8 Days and its v complete keyboard features!

I went to collect my latest joy on a rainy, dreary Monday afternoon. After over two hours of restless waiting, I finally collected that little bundle of joy at Funan. After fiddling with it and trying to set it up, with some help, I managed to get it going and I've been trying it out for the past couple of days. My take on my HP Mini Note:

1) Small and oh so portable! A comfortable size - as seen from my pics above, it's even smaller than some of my texts, and it's about the size of an 8 Days mag - which is smaller than A4! Also, it's surprisingly light - even with the batt attached!

2) Nice screen resolution! I was initially worried that myopic me would have trouble adjusting to the smaller screen, but so far the screen's been just fine - colours turn up clear and I have no problems reading my documents and emails, or watching my videos.

3) Great keyboard! I've checked out the other mini notebooks on the market and I think that the HP Mini Note's laptop is the best by far. HP does not compromise on functionality and the keyboard's as complete as can be, and it is not too small either, great for people with clumsy fingers (ahem). Ha.

4) Nice sound system! Sounds are loud and clear when on at full blast and even at my normal volume, the sounds are still crisp and clear - great when I'm watching my latest guilty pleasure in the middle of the nite and I want to avoid the hassle of plugging my earphones.

5) 2 USB ports! Great for me as I can charge and update my iPod as I work with my external HD plugged in simulteously!

6) Finally I can work in bed!! It has a batt life of about two hours when fully charged. Just enough to watch a movie or check my emails, chat and blog! ;)

Of course nothing is prefect, so here are my list of Peeves:

1) Long boot up time - okies this might be relative, and might be a Vista issue after chatting with P online today - it takes an average of at least 3 mins to boot up, even longer than my home PC. But once up, the progammes run smoothly without lagging.

2) No CD/DVD drive! Though there's the widespread use of external HDs and thumbdrives, not all my media and files are in thumbdrives yet - makes transferring some of my music from CD a lil problematic. But again, at the end of the day, I would rather have more USB ports. See MacBook Air - no CD drives!

3) No MS Office! Tsk tsk was my initial reaction. I understand the lack of some physical features due to weight/space constraints, but no MS office?! After failed attempts to install MS office (due to a lack of CD Drive), I've given up for now and am settling for Open Office, which isn't too bad.

4) It's a HAWT baby! It heats up pretty fast and pretty hot as well! Definitely something I can't leave on my lap in bed - it feels warm even as I'm typing now, towards the end of this post.

All in all, I'm in love with my new baby - still thinking up a name for it, thinking of getting a garskin for it... etc. Ah, suddenly a new world of possibilities have opened up! Am a happy gal for now. Totally feeling the love. *bliss*

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