Friday, June 13, 2008

You know that you have taught many students when....

you have two (and more) students from different semesters at the same booth of the IT show. Was served by them too! Ha. An interesting coincidence!

Just got back from the IT Show... kinda confusing this year as we have the individual brands - Sony, HP, Compaq, Canon, etc., as well as the megastores with IT sections such as Harvey Norman, Carefour. A niggling question - what's the point if they are selling the same products and having the same promotions? Perhaps it's to get more sales though I wonder how effective this really is.

Another suggestion to the organisers... if you are anticipating LONG queues, such as Starhub... please get some decent sitting arrangement up.. there's more than enough space anyways. We were waiting for TWO hours standing up... and the venue hosts started to switch off the lights... for a moment some of us wondered if we will get served at all... there were q a few irate customers and who can blame them?

On a happier note, I got the form to redeem my baby next month - HP 2133 Mini Notebook... thanks to my resisting signing up for plans and contracts for my broadband so far.... and also for Mr Big's geek input - okies actually what clinched the deal for me was possible Skype opportunities and "I think you will look uber cool when using this". Also, my home PC's been acting up and I can't keep asking him to come over to fix it yea? Ah, the superficialness of Man... or actually just me. =p Ha. Really appreciated his patience in waiting two hours with me, nary a complaint. Seriously he IS the BEST!! *hugs*

Came home and I've been reading up on the positive reviews of my new baby, specs and all... now I can't wait to use it! ;)

My NEW BABY!! HP 2133 Mini NB!


Anonymous said...

Well, I only came along since I am typing on a HP 2133 myself. Good luck!

Priscilla said...

Cute!! Love the mini notebook!

christina said...

Cute laptop! Was lemming for one as well.

StarryNite said...

Pris: Actually you might be able to get it at staff rate or something? ;)

Christina: Yup, it looks cute yea... super portable too... and seems to be an all rounder in terms of functions! :)