Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weekend Ruminations

Rainy, Stay home Saturday. :: Woke up late (almost!) on Sunday to send bro to Changi Aiport at 5am. :: Breakfast with Bro before seeing him again next month. :: Breakfast at Lor Ah Soo Market with Mum - comfort food. :: Church. Interesting sermon. :: Met Grandma, cousin, Uncles and Aunts after service. :: Home. :: Mini Nap. :: Wheelock with Mr Big to repair phone... AGAIN. Bumped into Boss Jiang and friend. ;) :: Changi - weekly walk and dinner with Mr Big. ::

These past few days, think we kinda miss bro's silly antics and the house does seem a little emptier and quieter without him. Anywho, went for weekly walk and dinner with him. Am really glad for a kaki with whom I can work out (of sorts) and feast with! It's always great to have a friend with whom to enjoy food with. ;)

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