Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Touch-screen phone Day

Just pulled an all nighter to get my paper done for next month's submission. I work better at night, when there are no distractions, just me, my thoughts, my PC and my media player on at full blast (or as loud as I go without irritating the neighbours). Finally, I finished it and just as I sent the softcopy to the organizers for compilation, my mum promptly comes in, just before 6am, and grabs me out of the house for a brisk morning walk and breakfast faster than one can say "Samsung Omnia".

Speaking of which, today's a self declared "Touch-screen phone Day". The moment we hit the mrt station, I picked up a copy of TODAY and my heart skipped a beat - I thought my iPhone had come to me... only to realise that in my morning blur, I had mistaken the full front page ad of the Samsung Omnia as the iPhone which I have been lusting for the past week. Through the milieu of reports and swirls of rumors in the past week - of the iPhone coming to Singapore, a vague "here by the end of the year", "will cost more than the USD199 when first launched", etc, I could feel my heart plummeting and for a while I wondered if it's more worth my while to move on to greener pastures. HTC, Nokia, LG all seemed to offer some attractive alternatives, with Samsung jumping onto the touchscreen phone bandwagon as well.

With the advent of CommunicAsia this week, there was more publicity drummed up over the latest IT technology/gadget - the touchscreen mobile. I got home and was bombarded by more articles on the iPhone (Straits Times Home Section Page 1, Digital Life main story). It seemed like Touch-screen phone Day, given the amount of coverage given to this phenomena on this day alone. Almost makes the oil crisis a walk in the park, but I digress.

My brain needs to take a break to digest all the information for this morning, but given the amount of choices available on the market, even as of this morning, I disagree with the Samsung ad on the front page of TODAY - touch-screen phones are no longer "The mobile of tomorrow", it's already the mobile of today. Me thinks that in the end, the brand might not matter as much to the average consumer like myself as I think there will be an impending price war that might break out anytime in the next six months. Power to the consumers!

So meanwhile for me it's gona be:

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