Thursday, June 12, 2008

To iPhone or not to?

Okies, I know that this might be a redundant question, but really... to iPhone or not to? I was really psyched when I heard about Steve Job's keynote and rumors swirling about the release of the 3G iPhone at an incredibly low price USD$199 for 8G! Some mental calculations based on current exchange rates makes it a very lovely gadget indeed! ;)

So imagine my horror and disappointment when I realised that this gadget on my gadget wish list will not be available here anytime soon?! And I mean anytime soon as in the July roll out in 22 countries kinda anytime soon. Sigh.

However, I find it interesting as to why iPhone is slashing its price - to gain market share; and doing the roll out - to reduce the cracking of the iPhone in places which do not have it. Me thinks that this situation might well replicate in Spore if Singtel continues to delay on the iPhone roll out here. I mean, even HK is getting it next month... seriously... seriously?! Soooo tempted to get my friends from UK and the States... (if you are reading this) to get for mi. heh heh.

But then again, there's the HTC Diamond Touch, LG KS20 - interesting review here... (which Pris got recently.. *throws her the green eye*), and the N96 (still not launched here). Though my confidence in Nokia has slipped somewhat, after going to the Care centre TWICE in as many weeks and getting some really lame excuse for my phoneware (aka Nokia's phoneware) problem. I like the iPhone as it looks simple and sleek - seriously tt's enough to do me in. Life's complicated enough without fussy technology to make it more complicated.... like my N73, for example. Bleah.

Seriously, they all look chic, almost a fashion accessory by itself... and kinda iPhone lookalikes... being PDA phones and all... what if the iPhone fever runs its course BEFORE they actually arrive? The search for my mobile gadget continues... I'm beginning to think it's easier to get a guy than your dream mobile gadget these days! Or maybe we shld exercise our civil rights and petition to get the iPhone here ASAP! Anyone on board for that?

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