Saturday, June 7, 2008

A night of slurpy goodness and good TLC

Finally, the weekend's here! I was still feeling a lil under the weather this week, with home being a war zone with bro's stuff all over the place for his last min packing for his Europe sojourn. Of course, my parents blame me for rubbing the wanderlust off him - this is what the elder siblings usually get, the blame for everything that the younger ones do. I take it as part and parcel of my sisterly duties. haha. The late nights hanging out with my bro going over trip stuff as well as talking to BFF also contributed to my feeling of lethargy by yesterday. On the school front, I've been going to the media lab to render and edit videos for the students' presentations too. I need to take time out for myself soon I think, to just snuggle up in bed with a warm drink on a cool day such as today and just immerse myself in reading - with my mobile off, PC shut down. Ah...

But I digress - today's a special update for my gal pals. The lovely ladies who made it yesterday and the one who's still reading this in a land far away. ;) I was excited about meeting up with my gal pals again - the last time we met was two months ago, for BFF S's bday in April and we were all so caught up with work and life that our promise to meet up more often did not come to fruition... AGAIN. Ha. So I was really excited at the prospect of meeting up for A's bday, though I totally suck at shopping for gifts, I usually come up with makan and drinking recommendations.

This time round, I suggested Ramen Sontouka at The Central for her bday dinner. Friends who have been to Japan have told me many favorable stuff about the place and the reviews I've read online have been overall positive too. After picking up the cake and card along the way, I made my way to The Central, where most of the food places were already seen with queues snaking out of the establishments and along the corridors. Met A and S who were already queuing for sometime and we were soon offered counter seats which we accepted. The seats were pretty decent and it was beside the kitchen, which gave us a glimpse of what was going on in the kitchen. The staff was prompt and polite even though the establishment was packed with hungry diners. We placed our orders of the house favourite of premium pork ramen (sho) and a normal miso ramen with a side of gyozas to share. We had time to catch up for a while over cold glasses of water before tucking into our food which all arrived round the same time.

Here's a pictorial of our dinner last nite:

Hot gyozas: Nice, crisp and hot on the outside, lovely delish meaty filling inside. Honestly not fantastic, but not bad either!

Plate of toppings as well as slices of premium pork for the premium pork sho ramen. What took my breath away were the slices of pork - texture's soft with the slightest hint of chewiness coupled with just the right amount of fat which melts in one's mouth, it was bursting with meaty juices and flavour, though it was a lil too salty for me - that was rectified when I immersed the pork in the stock before partaking it.

Ramen and soup for the premium pork sho ramen: Initially was surprised at how emulsified the soup was, but it does not leave an icky layer of oil and fat aftertaste, which was gd! Quality of the ramen was alright, but the stock totally takes the cake - makes it more filling than most ramen though, the three of us could barely polish up the two bowls we ordered!

The Miso ramen: After tasting the the premium pork sho ramen, this bowl seems... ordinary? Though the stock was just as flavourful, the rest of the ingredients seemed alright, not bad, just alright.

After a scrumptious dinner, we made our way to the ACM to grab some drinks. Wish I could say that it was a celebratory bday round of drinks, but I think the bottomline was that we all wanted to kick back and relax. We initially wanted to head to Timbre, but it was packed... with a long queue! We decided post-dinner that the queues were not our thing for the night and promptly traipsed over to Indochine nearby, the weather was not bad for drinks al fresco anyways. :) We were shown to seats right in front of the stage where there's a live band, Kewei and her musicians on for the night. They played many familiar jazz numbers though kinda reminiscent of another Spore Bossa Nova singer, Olivia Ong.

Took a couple of pics of the drinks before a round of toasts - ordered Frosty Jade, TLC and of course, the Cosmo. My fav was my choice of poison for the evening - TLC, which had a mix of pineapple and peach. Finally got down to the opening of the pressies - v lovely turquoise earrings which S got (told ya abt the impeccable taste!) and the cake from Canele - Rose L'Amour, (Yes C, eat your heart out, haha.) As usual, Canele did not disappoint, the rose mousse was lovely and not overwhelmingly "rosy" and the chiffon round the mousse light. Très Bien.

The gals also got to try the Raspberry Pavlova before we parted ways. I was glad to hear their positive comments and feedback - always gd to get feedback, with the positive ones being a plus. :D So far almost everyone who tried it liked it, even with the raspberry debacle. Think it was the different layers of textures (creamy, soft chewiness, crumbly bits) and the different tastes and flavours (sweetness of the meringue, bittersweet of the dark chocolate, and the layer of creamy nothingness of the double cream and tang of the raspberries) which made the dessert light and less cloying. Promised the gals I will pass them the recipe soon!

Made my way back in the dusk of midnight. Though it was a great evening with the babes, the night ended on a bittersweet note. The strong cocktails did not help either. I turned back and he wasn't there. There was a sudden catch in my heart. Maybe this is for the best.

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