Sunday, June 1, 2008

Laid back weekend & SATC - warning, spoilers ahead!

FINALLY, the weekend I've been looking forward to for the most part of May. A get away of sorts on Saturday to Sentosa, where the weather promptly pulled a damper on our plans. But managed to spend some quality time together talking and hanging out basically doing nothing. Also, the cloudy weather preceding the rain totally suited the non sun worshipper in me. ;) It was great just spending time with him, the ideal date in the sense that there was no pressure and it was just about hanging out and having a good, memorable time. The fact that this will be one of the precious few moments which both of us can do this made Saturday all the more poignant for me. No pictures from me for Saturday, just lots of beautiful, sweet moments. I wished tt time would stand still on Saturday, though we all know how wishes go yea?

Woke up to a beautiful Sunday morning had a great, relaxing breakfast before heading to Vivocity to catch SATC! I've been looking forward to this show for the longest time after I caught up on some seasons in London staying with BFF in '05, I like it not just because it celebrates being a woman and friendships and all, though these are definitely v box-office friendly themes. It's all about consumerism baby!!!! From the lovely fashion togs and fabulous getups to the lovely backdrop of NYC. Am not a shopping kinda gal as most of my friends know, but I was gushing over the lovely stuff that appeared regularly throughout the movie. My own Mr Big whom I watched this chick flick with, actually liked it!! He pre-booked the tickets when he found out that I won't be catching the premier. He's the best, my own "man-friend", to quote Carrie in the movie. Ha. And we actually managed interesting discussions post-SATC, now that impressed me quite a bit. Thanks for putting up with the laughter and tears from my side throughout the movie. *hugz* I'd definitely recommend this movie, coz if the beautiful clothes and shoes and NYC and themes such as friendships and celebrating life and love and a good soundtrack does not get to you , nothing will. I was laughing and tearing throughout the movie which was more than two hours, and I enjoyed every minute of it. ;)

What I loved about the movie, which picks up four years after the end of the series, was how it manages to move away from girly to womanly, yet still stay whimsical. There were flashes from the series interspersed throughout the movie. This movie is indeed about the lives and loves of four women and the loves of their lives.

Think there's a Charlotte, Carrie, Miranda and Samantha in all of us. ;)

Lovely clip with scenes from the movie, as well as two songs which I feel summed up the movie perfectly: India Arie's "The Heart of the Matter" and Fergie's "Labels or Love"

** Warning: Spoilers ahead!**
  • Carrie selecting her wedding gown - all the lovely dresses!!!

  • Carrie making her way to Miranda's apartment just to make sure that she did not have to usher in the New Year alone.

  • Samantha's trying to keep her sexual urges at bay with hot new neighbour, Dante. Ha.

  • Miranda meeting Steve on the Brooklyn bridge.

  • Charlotte's run in with Big outside the restaurant where she delivered her one liner and promptly broke her waterbag.

  • Carrie's revamped apartment - blue and white, v nice indeed!

Hit a spot:
  • Carrie's breakup with Big after he chickened out on the wedding... we all so saw that coming yea? Really understood the importance of gal pals.

  • Carrie hitting Big with the flowers in the middle of the streets of NYC on the wedding day.

  • Carrie upon knowing the secret which Miranda kept from her about why Big might have chickened out on the wedding.

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