Friday, June 20, 2008

Get Smart the movie - Go watch it!!

As a child, I was a fan of the Get Smart series, was esp tickled by the starting sequence ; therefore, I've been wanting to watch this ever since I saw the trailers months back! I think I actually saw it for the first time last year when I watched Alvin and the Chipmunks during the Christmas season... by the time I saw it for the umpteenth time last month, I was wondering if it was going to be one of those movies where they show all the good parts in the trailers only to leave the audience seriously disappointed during the movie proper.

Tsk tsk, ye of little faith MnM. My worst fears were not confirmed, and on top of that, I had a great ball of a time at the movie! Seriously, this might be the best adaptation of a television series, besides SATC of course (though actually SATC the movie was a continuation of the series while Get Smart wasn't) which I've watched this year.
It opened with the familiar sequence used in the series - though the backdrop and plot's different, with the Cold War being over and all. The Cold War provided the backdrop for the original series which was filmed in the 60s.

Mr Big knew that I had my eye on the movie and the moment he knew that this movie was coming out this week, he booked the tickets for Wed, which turned out to be a rather dismal day as it was 1) raining and dreary and 2) confirmed once again why I am SO not a shopper. BFF S can attest to this. But the movie was a great mood lifter at the end of the day! This movie was a basket of laughs right from the word go!

Steve Carell is the perfect present day Max Smart as he played the role to modern day perfection! All the deadpan jokes we saw had us laughing a minute and there were some scenes which were so sidesplitting outrageous and funny that there were occassions where the audience in my theatre actually clapped for a while! That glint in his eye when he was on to something made it all the more funny when the situation goes awry the next moment mostly with his wrong timing.

Anne Hathaway was also an interesting cast for Agent 99. Though she may pale in comparison during the inevitable comparison to the original Agent 99, I feel her efforts were commendable in the movie and she did manage to deliver some brain and the brawn to complement Max Smart's corny antics. The rest of the cast also had more presence in the movie, the geeks: Masi Oka from Heroes and the rest of the agents had a lot of banter (brain vs brawn) which provided for interesting moments in the course of the movie.

Overall I love the movie, from the barrels of laughs to the various moments of comic relief and the use of irony in some of the comic situations. However, what I appreciated about the show was how they did not try too hard to present a movie on a blundering agent. Maxwell Smart is in the end, a guy with the smarts too, though he does end up in pretty awkward situations.

Move over James, Max's here. ;)

The first song of the movie, def feeling the retro-ness of the movie. Ha.

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