Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Bark Cafe @ Changi Chapel

After our workout on Sunday, (din really get to walk much that day actually), we went to check out this place which was featured in The Sunday Times and we've heard about. I used to frequent the place with my friends, but it's been some time. Well, as he rightly put it, the place will not be "ulu" anymore after being featured in the papers. ha. I like The Bark Cafe as it is relatively secluded, beside the Changi Chapel, and in my previous visits, we get to see patrons bringing their lovely four legged pets, most of which are really friendly and always ready for a pet!

As usual, we were greeted by polite and prompt service, shown to our seats and our orders were taken with efficacy and a ready smile. We decided on something simple to share as I wasn't really hungry that day. My usuals at The Bark Cafe were its wings, beers, as well as red plum soda. However, something more substantial was in order for that day, so we ended up with fish n chips as well as six jumbo-sized wings.

The fish and chips were average, with the house greens being fresh, but I'm not really a greens kinda gal. The chips were a let down, perhaps it's because I'm really into chips and fries, perhaps it's because the fries were less then well done; they looked fine, but lacked the crisp and crunch which comes with the really good stuff. :) However, I loved the fish! I'm not a fan of the beer batter variety, which makes the usual bread crumbed and fried to perfection one that I had really lovely! It was crumbly and a little crispy on the outside as well as warm, firm and succulent on the inside. Really nice stuff - in a comfort food kinda way. :)

Am not really a wings person, but even I know how to appreciate when I taste wings which are yummy and fingerlicking good! What impressed me was how there wasn't any oily residue on the plates as well as on my palate after the meal (though the jug of Coke probably took care of that.) ;) Haha. All in all, a good meal, and the al fresco surroundings made the place all the more relaxing to have a meal before the beginning of another week.

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