Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stuck at home

Know what's worse than being stuck at home? It's missing the SATC premiere!! In the end, I woke up with a sore eye yest morning, together with a stuffed nose. Got a shock when I looked at my usual bed tousled self in the mirror. My left eye had turned into something out of a horror movie overnight. Had to call to make my appt at the doc's, cancel my appts for the day and traipse over for my appt. Managed to drop by my fav haunt, the lib, to get some sustenance for the soul as well as drop off the books I've finished. All the while, keeping my eyes fixedly to the ground and avoiding ppl as I pass by them, though I wasn't sure if the sore eye was infectious or otherwise. Had to put up with a super chatty doc who was delving into my life history during the consultation. It stills discomfits me a lot when ppl go on about academia and myself and putting mi in lofty positions which is still a very long way to go. If I get there. For once, the consultation actually left me more sick than before I entered the room. Ha.

Anyways, got some rest and food, the flu meds really knock me out.... and the eyedrops which were prescribed actually reminded me of Rachel from Friends and her phobia of putting anything near her eye and the ploys which the rest of them devised to medicate her. Some scant comfort for myself. And some friends actually reminded me how I would not have made it for the SATC premiere given my condition anyways. A way for them to make me feel better I guess. Ha. Thanks anyways guys. ;)

Anyways, am trying to get through these books during my homestay these few days: The world is flat by Thomas L. Friedman; The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and The last gospel by David Gibbins. Though I have my homely periods, this is definitely not one of those times. Argh, need to get well soon, lotsa stuff to tackle in sch and the dissertation! Grogginess from flu meds also not helping. Though the rainy weather's a blessing for sleeping. :) Watching SATC on Sunday! :) :) Thanks too for Siti's help in sorting out the registration for the AMIC conference this July when we will be presenting our papers in Manila... you're da best!! :) Also, this enforced homestay has also made me available online more, and catching up with friends over MSN... always a gd thing. :)

P.S: I like this guy's films, he's done amazing work in cinema, both in front and behind the screens. Last saw him in Made of Honour, as Patrick Dempsey's philandering dad. Is this the end of an era? A moment to mourn one of cinema's greats (IMHO): Sydney Pollack.


Jieq said...

Salut!!! I am gonna catch SATC tonight with a fab pal of mine! Hope YOU get to see it soon!

StarryNite said...

@ jieq: Watched it, LOVED it! ;)