Sunday, May 25, 2008

Social Media Breakfast & happy weekend

An interesting start to the weekend. I've always been of the opinion that as academics, it is imperative not to end up cloistered in one's ivory tower and hopefully, I aspire to be an organic social scientist, especially in the field of communications and new media; where it is almost idealistic to not have any dealings or knowledge of industry trends or even what others in the new media scene have been up. I think gatherings such as the Social Media Breakfast (SMB) provide a platform to engage in meaningful discussions. Therefore, my interest was piqued when Pris babe extended the invite and made me feel right at home at the 2nd SMB, also thanks to Darryl who graciously offered me a lift so that I can escape the unforgiving mid-day sun. ;p

All in all, I had a great time mainly making new friends and listening in to interesting discussions, ironically not so much new media and its future trends and directions, but really just making friends and listening to what other players in the new media industry had to say. A fruitful time all in all, especially glad to have finally put a face to some blogs I've been partaking as part of my blogosphere diet, mainly the food blog(s) though. You guys know who you are. ;) All in all, had a memorable time at the event and I look forward to attending more of such events, may it for networking, keeping in touch with the community which I study for academic interest, or just to exchange thoughts on trends and pertinent issues, if my schedule permits. Hopefully I contributed my two cents to the discussions which I partook although I would have hoped to get to know more of the individuals. :) Pris played the nice role of kickstarting the introductions too, which helped a lot in breaking the ice and warming mi up! haha.

Had a great time catching up with Pris and Marcus over lunch and getting to know more about their new jobs... super exciting stuff! Also realised that the 3rd babe of the trio, Aileen, is a guru in her field. Am seriously proud and happy for Aileen and her achievements! Though I got an inkling of her influence during the past semester supervising the SL project, I got to appreciate her achievements more today! You go babe! :)

Great news today: Got free tix to the latest Indy Jones flick - mixed reviews so far.... keeping my mind open. Also, was invited to the SATC preview next Tues before it opens on the 29th!! Okies now you can turn green! Haha.


christina said...

Hello meimin, glad to have met you at SMB! I remember being in the middle of a discussion just before you had to leave, but I don't remember what it was about. Ah well.

Anyway, if you use twitter, you can add me at

StarryNite said...

Hey hey babe! Yup, it was a pleasure to meet you @ SMB! We were discussing the differences in NUS and SMU wrt the recently biz competition. ;)