Sunday, May 18, 2008

Red velvet cake

Have been meaning to try out the only place in Spore which makes and sells Red velvet cake ever since BFF shared with me the news that the red velvet cakes she has seen online and in London look heavenly and the rave reviews she has heard about this dessert. I finally chanced upon the place with him on our way back a couple of weeks back. I was actually enticed by the exterior of the establishment, a very homely, cosy feel.

I stepped into the bistro and I was sold when I saw the desserts. There were homemade cakes to suit various preferences and palettes. They have your usual choc cakes and carrot cakes but what caught my attention was the Red Velvet Cake. I just had to have a slice of that. Service was prompt and the staff polite and warm. Definitely deserves a return visit, probably to try their main courses, or just more desserts, if the Red Velvet Cake was anything to go by, but more about that soon. Also, I think their idea of incorporating social entrepreneurship was something that was worthy of support - good example of CSR and how it can be practiced by SMEs too, not just MNCs.

The above was a picture taken when I got home using my rudimentary mobile camera, which did not do justice to the cake. It did not capture the luscious loveliness of the buttermilk frosting and the deep intense red colour of the sponge cake. I liked how it's simple in terms of presentation, just a nice thick slice of cake coated in buttermilk frosting. The contrast of the milky white and the intense deep red was a appetite-whetting sight.

But in terms of taste, though I'm not sure how the cake is supposed to taste like, I liked it! Even my mum who's usually q picky about cakes concurred that the cake was "not bad". The buttermilk cream, though rich (which appealed to my mum who's the cream fan in our family) wasn't slathered on too thickly, which suited me just fine. The rich creamy texture of the buttermilk frosting was complemented by the moist sponge cake which had a faint cocoa taste, though I cannot be sure of that. Overall, I enjoyed my first encounter with the red velvet cake from Food for Thought. Will try to make time for a repeat visit one of these days. :) Too bad he did not get to try it. ;p

More red velvet cake pics from the internet! :)



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