Friday, May 23, 2008

Rainy day :: Dinner with "special" peepz

After my first couple of posts, I've been confiding in some seasoned bloggers about how I'm less than satisfied about the quality of the layout, etc. But I was comforted when I was discussing about the issue of being a freshie in terms of public blogging tonite. Personally, I think we already take into consideration so much of others' views in the course of work, etc., that when it comes to expressing my own thoughts online, I would rather do it my way, (to quote Old Blue Eyes) and let others take the (information) highway if they did not like what they read. Frankly this was a conundrum for myself as perhaps I tend to be more consultative a person (occupational hazard, haha.). I was discussing this with Shen Kiat on our trek from City Hall to Dhoby Ghaut. He was supportive about it and also echoed my sentiments about keeping it real. Likewise he's more of a content over aesthetics kinda person and I guess it was good finding a kindred spirit in terms of how we would rather deliver to the readers good, solid and interesting (hopefully) content... when I know that design (or at least creating designs has never been one of my forte - though some of my friends are really gd at tt!).

Anyways, back to the highlights of my day - a thunderous shower while I was crossing the road on my way to meet the NM peepz. Had a seriously?! moment there and then. I was very disappointed coz I was almost totally drenched! And with my blocked nose and flu, was kinda tempted to just head back home and sleep the flu meds off. But these are special peepz, in more ways than one, so I decided to trudge on, wet and drenched or not... but I pity him who was with mi. I realised how the significant guys in my life are always with me on rainy days. Literally. *thanks*

Finally arrived at the restaurant almost an hour late - Cheryl, Irving and Eugene were already seated and with bemused looks on their faces, promptly informed me that they have already started ordering from the ala carte buffet menu. Now you know why they are my special people! Haha. Actually, this is a special group coz they were my very first students! I recall how tough it was to keep it to myself that they were my first students when I started summer class with them, but when the semester ended and I finally 'fessed up, I was pleasantly surprised by how encouraging they were! You guys are the best!! *hugz* As mushy and trite as this might sound, every batch of students I've come into contact with have left impressions upon me in their own ways and I'm proud and glad to say that I've learnt a lot from them in the course of the last three semesters so far! ;)

As the evening progressed, Shen Kiat, Andrew (a pleasant addition to the evening!) and Ruiming (or should I call Boss Jiang!) joined us for dinner. The food was overall nice and pleasant though I think the servings were q a challenge towards the end! I myself did not eat much as my nose was stuffed and also because of the scintillating conversation that was taking place... from holiday plans to debates and discussions on religion and politics and natural calamities and religion... too much talking and not enough eating for myself, heh. But it was very tot-provoking and interesting ideas and beliefs being thrown around... and everyone knows how much I love such discussions and debates! ;) Of coz, we did discuss about movies and more light-hearted stuff like potential love interests (not mine =p). Pity the evening had to end so early, but the great catch up session made parting all the more poignant, coz we know that we will have more great conversations the next time we meet, and the size of this evening's gathering was conducive for interesting discussions and for just some plain catching up. Missing them guys and babe already! Silly mrt incident also resulted in him coming over just to send me back... feel so bad. heh.

Okies, just one pic tonite: The "Special" NM peeps (Yes Andrew, you are one of us now... heh heh!) ;) Cheryl's blog has a v unflattering pose of me post ala carte buffet! haha!


Leong said...

U look great n i swear u r getting slimmer n slimmer lor!

StarryNite said...

Haha babe, no la, my student has the incriminating post buffet bulge. heh. ;) But great friends like you always make my day! ;)